A few AT commands

Friday, June 12, 2020

Yeay, I have a Pinephone! I don’t want to use one of the “mainstream” desktop environements for the phone (plasma mobile, phose, ubuntu touch/lomiri) so I’ll have to build up most of the environment myself. One of the things I need working for the phone to be of any use is the modem. What i’d like in that reagrd is a daemon running on the phone that abstracts the commands to send to the modem. It would be nice if it could be connected to my xmpp server so I can send and receive SMS/MMS from my computer (I think it also is possible to d voice calls with it, but I’m not sure, i’ll look into it)

A what commands ?

At commands are a set of commands used to control modems, I won’t go into details, this is juste for me a place to list the commands I have found and that are usefull. (I might add some explanation as to why a command is needed or stuff like that)

Here’s the wikipedia page on theme: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayes_command_set

Atinout seems like a good tool for sending commands to the moden; you can also use screen if you want to do it interactively (or cat | atinout - {modem_path} -)

Pin settings

Asuming your pin code is 1337



Seting the pin to 1234


Removing the pin


For sms

To send an sms you can do:


Listing all messages


Reading a message, where index is given by the previous command


Deleting a message, the index is the same as above



Here’s a bunch of link with usefull info, this kind of stuff is not often worked on by us the pleb nowaday, so much of what you can find only can be a bit outdated ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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